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We are a creative studio based in San Francisco. Our ethos are rooted in the cultural narratives of our clients.

We are a creative studio specializing in brands and interiors - rooted in the cultural narratives of our clientele.

Established in 2022 - Kaarhaus Studio seamlessly blends diverse experiences and cultures, fusing its South Asian roots with an American design ethos. Our work centers around an intersection of design, culture, and identity.

Our mission is to make it easy for people to effortlessly transform their space into a proud reflection of their truths and identity. We strive to craft work that creates a lasting positive impact on ourselves and others.


Brand Strategy
Branded Environment
Furniture & Art Curation
Art Direction
Interior Styling


The core of our design process is to listen to and connect with you - ‘our clients’, and assist you in distilling what you want and who you are. Your space should be a proud reflection of your values and identity.

While some clients may have a clear idea about what they want, others may not. In either case, we look to inspire with an alternate vision to help unravel their narrative.

We approach each project through a kaleidoscopic lens of multiple characters and influences. After gathering and understanding your influences, experiences, interests, and values - we research, ideate, and build a refined narrative. Then we present you the idea & detailed concept using a series of moodboards & visuals.

Once approved, it’s an adventure - to curate, craft, & execute the idea into a space that you can proudly claim as your own!

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Arch Daily

Darshini has been living and working as a designer in San Francisco for the past ten years. Originally from India, she began her academic journey in architecture at Parsons The New School of Design, eventually graduating from California College of the Arts.

After honing her skills as an interior designer at a recognized architecture firm︎︎︎ and a product designer at a Fortune 500 company︎︎︎, Darshini realized her passion for exploring culture and identity in design to make a difference. This led her to establish Kaarhaus in 2022. 

Since then, Darshini has approached every new project as an opportunity to understand how design can create an authentic cultural narrative, which can help spaces feel more personal and empowering.


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